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Putting in "Market Orders" for both old crop in storage and new crop sales is a good idea. Let us watch the market for you. Know what you want for your grain and get the price when and if it becomes available. 


A phone call or email is all we need.


Log onto to see Tickets, Inventory and Contracts.  Use the same email you now receive tickets with, as your login.  Request a password which will be sent to you. We will still be emailing tickets as soon as they are posted.  (You will have to start a new browser page and goto from there.)






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Corn Firmly Higher at Midday -

The Tuesday session has corn futures fractionally to 1 1/2 cents higher at midday. As of August 9, NASS says that 11% of new crop corn in the 18

Cattle Higher at Midday -

Monday was first notice day for August fats, and there were 6 deliveries against them. Through midday Aug futures are up by 30 cents to $103.90,

Hog Market Giving Back Monday Gains -

Midday lean hog futures prices are back down after Monday’s triple digit rally. The front months are down 60 to $1.45 in the front months, save

Wheat Recovering on Tuesday -

Turnaround Tuesday has domestic wheat futures in the black at midday. SRW wheat futures are back up by 4 1/4 to 7 cents at midday. The national

Beans Trading Higher so far -

So far soybeans are up by 3/4 to 3 cents with August up the most ahead of Friday’s expiration. CmdtyView’s national average soybean cash price

Cotton Market Gaining on Tuesday -

Tuesday cotton trading has futures 12 to 63 points in the black at midday. The S&P stock market futures continue to close in on the all-time high.

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